Bernedita Rosinha Pinto Poems

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Aquarium Of Hope

Man moves with the wind assisting his respiration
hope moves man in finding his way and direction;
love keeps forgetting its existence and action
truth keeps circling the heart for its perception;

Doorway Of Time

Life keeps moving on thro the doorway of time
sometimes ushering satisfaction and happiness
sometimes bringing trophies of pride and success
sometimes discarding friends who act as rivals

George Floyd's Death - A Time To Do Away With Discrimination

Never had this reflection
even in the deepest and lightest
of my imagination, ever occurred
that the name and memory

Migrants Exodus - In India

The exodus of the migrant workers
is so painful to see,
they had arrived in our towns and cities
to fulfill their daily needs of livelihood;

Live The Way Jesus Lived

Christmas a time for joy and cheer
a time to rejoice the birth of Jesus;
making little mangers,
lighting up the Christmas trees,

21 Candles - (Dedicated To The Egyptians Slained In Lybia)

Light up twenty one candles for us,
let every candle bear our name,
in every light of that candle
will glow our silenced dreams-

George Floyd - Will Want To Be Remembered As A Hero

Let there be every reason to believe in tomorrow,
let there be every hope in the justice that you seek
let there be light in this darkness of time
but let there be a silent prayer upon your lips for George.

Blessings I Enjoyed While On This Earth I Lived

I have seen everything along my life's pathway
I have even seen the lightening and heard the roar of the thunder;
I have seen the mountains and fields everywhere on this earth
I have even seen the rivers and the lakes flowing along the valleys silently.

Ask For Everything

Ask for everything that love should give you
ask for everything that happiness should offer you
ask for everything that greatness should possess you
ask for everything that pride should dazzle you;

As The Us Soldiers Leave Afghanistan

And as the last of the US Marines
walked out of Afghanistan
and got on to that plane
to get to his own homeland, alive,

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