*812 Woad - Ancient Briton's Dress Code Poem by John Knight

*812 Woad - Ancient Briton's Dress Code

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England was a lot hotter in the First Century so instead fo wearing clothes we just painted ourselves in Woad which came in every shade of Blue. the Ataver Film reminded me of a song we used to sing round the campfire seventy years ago. My poem is an adaption of the song.

Ancient Britons never needed clothes
Silks and satins underwear or hose
Painted In their Woad they loved to pose
Like Atavars with bright blue face and torso

In Woad we'll scare the Foe Men
And melt all alien Snow Men
Always on the go Men.
Boil it to a brilliant blue
Wear Woad from head to toe Men.

Romans came across the channel
All dressed up in tin and flannel
In half a pint of Woad per man'll
We're better dressed than these

We never wear shirts made of cotton
Ties that always get forgotten
Dip the brush in - paint the lot on
Woad's always fresh and clean.

For ladies Woad makes perfect dresses
To match their eyes and long blonde tresses
It rubs off in their beau's caresses
But they wear Woad as well.

Vikings - Saxons keep your armours
Fur coats were made for goats and llamas
Ancient Brits don't wear pyjmas
We sleep naked in our Woad.

Tramp up Snowden with our Woad on
Don't care if we get rained or blowed on
We'd march for days along the road on
Feet just clad in Woad.

Ancient Britons never hit on
Anything as good as Woad to fit on
Breasts and chests and where you sit on
One size fits all in Woad.

light blue - bright blue - late at night blue
Colour of eyes after a fight blue
Always bound to find the right blue
Every shade of Woad.

Dark blue for a girl with passion
Duck egg blue the latest fashion
Never have a clothing ration
Just slap on the Woad.

Atavars look good in blue
They have no choice they're blue all through
But ancient Brits could Woad eschew
Go out red or green.

In an economic crisis
Woad is cheap - compare the prices
And in the Summer it quite nice is
Cool as a mountain stream.

In Woad - you'll scare the Foe - MAN
You'll feel warm in the snow - MAN
Always on the go - MAN
Just boil it to abrilliant hue
And rub it on your chest and your ABDOMAN
Then you'll be steady ever ready
All dressed In WOAD from head to toe - MAN.

Dedicated to all ancient Briton's - In the PH Family - who can remember their Granny wearing Woad in the last Century.

(John Knight - Ancient Colchester - 7 February 2010)

Clara Odelia Ciutara 08 February 2010

For God's sake, John, I am speechless reading this. John, this poem tells the lovely anicent living in Britain. What a nice poem. I really love these parts: In Woad we'll scare the Foe Men And melt all alien Snow Men Always on the go Men Boil it to a brilliant blue Wear Woad from head to toe Men What a great poem this is! ! !

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