*903 Beautiful Attitudes Poem by John Knight

*903 Beautiful Attitudes

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Jesus Bar-Joseph - itinerant preacher
From Nazareth - a Master Carpenter.
When he was about thirty he left his job
Selected a mixed group of companions
And comenced an unorthodox preaching
Teaching tour - which lasted just three years.

His companions - a motly crew - twelve men.
Northern Fishermen - Impetuous Peter
And the Mysterious John - Doubting Thomas
Trecherous Treasurer - Judas Iscariot
Simon the Zealot - Philip the Thinker
And their scribe - Matthew an ex-Tax Collector!

His teaching was hard hitting - especially
To the arrogant Jewish Hierarchy.
He used the sacred name of JEHOVAH - saying
I AM The Door - I AM The Good Shepherd
I AM The Way and The Truth and The Life
Worse still he claimed to be THE SON OF GOD.

Historically he is different and unique.
He paid the ultimate price - Crucifixion
Outside Jerusalem - aged thirty three.
We all have to make up our minds about him.
Was he really THE SON OF GOD - did he
Rise from the dead and ascend into Heaven?

Is he really the Saviour of the Human race?
Can his words really revolutionise our lives?
Let us consider his famous 'Sermon on the Mount'.
The secrets of Happiness and Blessing.
A compedium of Eight Beautiful Attitudes
Which run contrary to all Earth's Material Values.

Happiness comes when you run out of ideas
It is then that you really turn to God for help.
Happiness comes when you lose all your prized possessions
It is then that you allow all your riends to comfort you.
Happiness comes when you are really contented
Because what you have is priceless.
Happiness comes when you desire a closer walk with GOD
Because your spiritual hunger will be satisfied.
Happiness comes when you really care for others
Because in return they will love and care for you.
Happiness comes when your Mind and Motives are Pure
Then you can really see God at work in your own Community.
Happiness comes when you preach and practice PEACE
Then you really are God's Ambassador.
Happiness comes when you are criticised for your Holy Life
Because personal holiness is the prelude to Paradise.

If the whole World followed the teachings of............
Jesus Bar-Joseph - Itinerant Preacher of Righteousness
Who claimed to be the incarnate Son of God,
There would be no more wars or poverty
Or inhumanity of Man to Man - Instead there would be:
Peace on Earth and infinite Joy in Heaven.

(John Knight - Freezing Colchester - January 2010)

Lady Grace 03 January 2010

the words in this piece are full of truths.and the last part, of course a very good conclusion..cheers to the author, , this is very good,

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Patti Masterman 03 January 2010

Nice title and poetic magic all through.

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Yulissa Fregoso 03 January 2010


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Janell Cressman 03 January 2010

i don't agree with the first half of your poem, then i kind of agree with the rest, sorry but thats just what i believe, other then that it's a pretty good poem, good form as always, and i nice flow,

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masked lady 03 January 2010

If it’s JK poem, for me it’s one of the best. I am sorry my knight, I will only comment on the 6th stanza of this poem which I like the most. The source of happiness here is very well discussed. I’d rather not touch about Jesus here. I am honored for inviting me to read your poem, thank you very much my knight. I Love you in poetry.

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Clara Odelia Ciutara 02 February 2010

John, sorry for being so long, anyway I was sick. I love this poem, the way you described the love being given by Jesus is so lovely and interesting. Good, very beautiful attitudes..

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Deidre Dixon 14 January 2010

Wow! ! Beautiful Attitudes is beautiful. I liked the way you described Jesus and the men he 'hung' with. Your expressions made me ask myself the question, 'Am I truly happy? ' When we allow Christ to be our example for everything, it is a humbling experience. But, with Him, we can't help being full of joy!

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Ivette T 10 January 2010

I agree with all of your poem, Jesus was a great man an is our savior, he brings happiness to our lifes but sometimes things do have to go to extreams inorder for you to see all fof this- with all my heart

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A compelling and creative christocentricity that is simply splendid.10/10

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 05 January 2010

thanks for sharing... this poem is worth reading and worth sharing

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