April Love Poem by John Knight

April Love

Rating: 4.5

My April Love is always in my heart
My April Love from me will ne'er depart.
She always brings the 'Joy of Spring' to me,
My April Love forever mine will be!

The Winter months have gone - they all are past
The memory of cold cold Winter's blast.
But April's here - the breath of waking Spring,
That cheers my heart and makes me dance and sing!

May - she may come and June a blusing Bride
July so shy and summery by my side.
August - and come she must beside
And I remember calm and beautiful September!

The Summer's gone and autumn hastens on
October through Decemeber - how my year has flown!
January's so so cold and February's such a groan
March marches on - then April takes the throne!

My April Angel is a pure delight
Throughout the day - and in each dreamy night!
Of all the Girls that flit thorughout the year
May - June - July - cannot with thee compare!

The dawning of the Spring - awakening of my heart
There's nothing that can keep our pledge of love apart.
My April Love - My April Love - now you and I are one
You give me strength and hope to carry on!

My April Love - My April Love - so pure and so divine
My April Love - My April Love - please let me call you mine!
And when all the Angels ask me to recall
The lovely things you've said - and perfect things you do
To tell them of the thrill - the memory of it all
I'll tell them - April Angel - yes I'll tell them 'l REMEMBER YOU! '

Philosophy of a DewyFlower 27 September 2009

April Love! a bloomy and a blooming LOVE as April/ a Lovely poem and a Rosy theme. April's here - the breath of waking Spring, Thanks For Sharing!

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Sonya Florentino 27 September 2009

ah, if I could choose a middle name it would be April.....am April born, I love her song... have two poems myself on April....

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a fantastically sweet poem.. with good rhythm and reason for cheer.. awesome!

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Sally Plumb Plumb 01 October 2009

Have just read your calendar. Glad to meet you.So near too..Bravo!

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April Nichols 09 August 2016

So much love incorporated with amazing creativity. Straight from the heart...beautiful! !

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 06 December 2009

’m swinging like ‘April-Day’ Wonderful account of months [seasons] poetically and in a romantic blend… The great Bengali poet R.N.Tagore [Noble Laurite] had many poems on different here in eastern India…his favorite season was Varsa [Rainy season] …your April Love is different from my country [where I was born] …but now I’m down the memory lane…wow here in UK… and thanks for bringing alive my nostalgia And for that ten+++ Ms. Nivedita UK

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 30 October 2009

My, My, My, this poem is delightful! I can feel each and every word of praise 'April Love'-I'm April love, too. 'April love so pure so devine...please let me call you mine'. Oh how delightful it must be to be YOUR April Love! . John you just out did yourself! The heartfelt words of your poem floats from stanza to stanza before fluttering over the final stanza-how exciting this butterfly must be! Good write and a 10++++++>>>

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Anna Dorfman 25 October 2009

Let me say you are a genious in poetry. I loved this piece so much!

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Sandra Fowler 01 October 2009

April is a state of mind for you, I think. All the robins have returned and the world that you can see from your window is young once again. Beautiful write. I love the sound of your lyrics. Warm wishes, sandra

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John Knight

John Knight

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