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929: A Smile

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Smile is a mild one, while laughter is loud,
Teachers are imitated by laughter, if students are allowed,
Smiles are of many types, accepting and blushing,
Smile is a symptom while the cause maybe within,
Pathos in the deep can snatch a smile,
Injustice where court does not reach.
Some smiles come with weird code,
The recipient gets it even in a crowd,
When you loose a smile, you lost a lot,
What’s success and money is worth,

Having lost the smile, a pleasant thought,
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Melvina Germain 27 April 2007

A lovely poem depicting your wonderful interpretation of one of the best ways to express oneself without speaking or writing, but with a simple smile. A smile can help to change the mood of another individual, it can take a negative and change it to a positive. I like this poem very much, Thankyou---Melvina---

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Rajaram Ramachandran 25 April 2007

They used to say that the longest word in English is 'Smiles' as there is a mile between 'S' and 's'. you may like to see my poem on Smile written in a different way. Today, the rarest commodity in the world is 'Smile', about which what we both write. Yours, a good poem indeed.

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