951: One Last Time...

Come hug me one last time,
Its long you were in arms of mine,
That sense of peace, I still crave,
Come once before I leave for my grave,

Come let’s drive together once,
Take those turns in a synchronized dance,
Share our lunch boxes, one last time,
I relish the idlis and you the bitter guard of mine,

That mango ginger pickle,
Still gives my tongue the tickle,
Lets share the last cup of coffee,
In that roadside Ramana’s café,

Come take me in, one last time,
I starved of your love too long a time,
Lets do one last project together,
The analysis of the data you gather,

Treat this last illness of mine,
Let my death cert carry your sign.
Ethics stopped me though you were brave,
Come hug me once before I leave for my grave.

March 22,2007.

innocent love 22 March 2007

ooooooo dear, why u so sad and broken.......life isnt tht easy to jus let go.....snatch ur moments and make thm uz.........but i pray u gt many hugs and kisses frm ur beloved.......and thts nt just once or for the last time........take care....live life.....cheers.......well written poem..........(sobs! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !)

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