999: Weak Moments Poem by Amit Biswas

999: Weak Moments

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I am going through one of those weak moments,
Lonely as I have never been, I have lost just not love,
Lost a friend, I shall never get again,
Earlier I shared with you these weak moments of mine,
Today you have gone away, never to turn back again,
As I loved you and got you as a friend and everything,
I lost everybody else I had, never cared even,
That was my mistake, why should you care,
That you never wanted me the way I did, matters,
Sometimes I still feel, let me give in, and be as you want,
But soon realization strikes, that’s not love, as I had seen,
Though I know you just do that, not there alone, here too,
You want best of both worlds, at what cost, you only know,
I am devastated today, not because you went away,
But because my judgment went so wrong about your ways,
You lacked not just love but gratitude even,
I could not have afforded what you want,
Not because I did not want, but it was just not right.

Catastrophe King 13 March 2007

That must have been a lot of confusion in your mind then.... my dear.. I am sure your mind is clear and as beautiful as your compositions.... themes in life do get changed like they do in our poems.... keep writing!

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Preeti - is here! 12 May 2006

Very well put in words~ Preets

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K Fernandes 12 May 2006

my heart goes out to you... i know what you feel.. how you feel.. and why you feel all that you do.. but.. inspite of it all.. love goes on..

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A tragedy which reads gracefully. Very much from the heart. A fine piece.

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Amit Biswas

West Bengal, India
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