993: Amazed With Your Love

I am amazed, you still love me,
What all I have done to you,
And keep doing, but still,
You have not faltered, amazing!

I loved you deeply, my first love,
Never judged, just loved,
Very tough path we walked along,
Seen life bare, without a glass, together,

I always knew, what we have, many didn’t,
Might have limited you by my love,
Both of us lost a bit of freedom to our loves,
But never mattered, coz we loved,

Then I slipped, though you warned,
It pained me, but I hurt you damned,
Mistake it was, ephemeral pleasure was gone,
Devastated I stood, but you still loved,

I need you today, need you tomorrow and forever,
I have no one, do not leave me ever,
Take all your freedom, will stand by you,
I hardly need be free anymore, take me your prisoner.

Anjana Aravind 07 August 2006

This is a really sweet poem. Repentance is always good Anjana

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K Fernandes 16 May 2006

yes.. it is amazing that inspite of it all she still loves you.. and her love is true.. she deserves your love too.. 'chahe jo tumhe poore dil se, milta hai woh mushkil se, aisa jo koi kahin hai, bus wohi sabse haseen hai..uss haath ko.. tum thaam lo, woh meherbaan, kal ho na ho'

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Preeti - is here! 16 May 2006

You are lucky have a gal who loves you still..... Good poem. Preets

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