A Beautiful Morning In May Poem by Francis Duggan

A Beautiful Morning In May

Rating: 3.8

The bluebells adorn the ditch of the bohreen
And on the hedgerows and in leafy groves of Dereen
The songbirds are singing in the dawning gray
Just before sunrise on a beautiful day
By ditch and by hedgerow the clear mountain rill
Is babbling downland from the field by the hill
And the hawthorns to look at a beautiful sight
Adorned in their beautiful blossoms of white
A poet of such beauty would feel inspired to write
A poem for others to read and recite
Amongst the rank rushes the cock pheasant crow
And the dark brown dipper with breast as white as snow
Sings in the stream from here far away
In the dawn of a beautiful morning in May.

Jitesh Shah 18 March 2015

a beautiful poem of may morning i like it and also read my poems

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Amitava Sur 02 November 2014

A lovely picture of a beautiful morning is drawn here... thank you

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Heather Wilkins 03 October 2013

a beautiful may morning filled with good imagery. nice ink

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Walterrean Salley 23 April 2012

simply a beautiful poem that puts the reader ther to witness such a beautiful morning.

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