A Blue Bottle Poem by Juan Olivarez

A Blue Bottle

Rating: 5.0

A blue bottle landed on my nose,
While a poem I attempted to compose.
It wiggled it's legs and cleaned it's wings,
And did so many other things.

It stared at me through it's compound eyes,
And sat on my nose telling me lies.
He said I'm the king of all of the flies,
But I'm incognito, I'm in disguise.

He said really I'm purple, not at all blue,
The color of royalty, so how do you do?
Then he flew off to his affairs of state,
Saying his good-byes, cause he couldn't be late.

3/1/11 Alton Texas

Elke Seven 01 March 2011

I just love funny, whimsical poems. Gave this one a 10.

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 07 May 2014

interesting poem. I very much liked the content.

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Eric Cockrell 16 June 2012

this one makes me smile... good poem!

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Smoky Hoss 15 June 2012

Juan this is so good. For some reason I feel just a bit lighter for having read it, as if a little of my own troubles just flew away with your fly. Thanks pard. Have a great day!

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Patti Masterman 04 May 2011

What a gem, and with such indelible rhymes to accompany, in awe of you today! ;)

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Sidi Mahtrow 02 March 2011

The Calliphora vicini (known as the blue bottle fly) Loves dead and decaying meat But will by chance find other things to eat. So if it sits on your nose Let's suppose, It thinks the smell or findings there Are something on which you wish to share. Perhaps when the maggots emerge from the eggs And just before growing legs They'll make your nose itch a bit As they engage in burrowing in it. So be not so kind as to share A place for the fly to lay eggs there And send her on the way To forage someplace else, before end of day. s

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