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i am 58 years old... have been writing poetry for over 40 years... had a troubled youth, was in trouble a lot, was a drug addict... survived it all... have worked a variety of jobs... have 4 grown children,3 grandchildren.
was a member of the North Carolina Writer's Roundtable for a while... write poetry, songs, political and spiritual commentarie ...
Popular Poems
A Child Is Dying
for every tree you cut down,
a child is dying.
for every barrel of oil that
you drill and spill,
A Better Idea
they want to
ban books, ban abortions
ban gay marriages
ban free thinking
9/11, And The Days After
how many died that day
at the World Trade Center?
how many died
in the field?
A Badge
he wears her like
the badge of honorable
That's Enough For Me!
from a tiny acorn,
the oak tree grows.
what a man cant find,
a child will know.


Samantha 31 October 2020
Very nice. Did not expect this from you.
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sdvsvds 27 January 2020
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Barbara 19 November 2017
I was looking for a poem to end a reflection on the last story in Matthew 25. I found you and In the Presence of God and got hooked on your prayerful, insightful poetry. Thank you for sharing it with us.
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Jenifer Hallam 20 June 2017
Forget Eric Cockrell
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Christopher Hays 17 April 2016
i would like to thank you for the poem 9/11 And the day after thanx..
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Terry Craddock 31 May 2015
Enjoy your day Eric my friend, keep gifting the words the light into other lives, for this we choose to live our days.
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Terry Craddock 07 April 2015
Eric Cockrell is on facebook every day, still writing about freedom, equality, human rights, poverty, all the themes he always wrote and we valued so much. I still read some of Eric's poetry daily. They are gone from here now, Eric Cockrell 23rd January 2013, Gregory Uhan (Uhan, Gregory Allen) March 2013, Terence George Craddock June 2013 and Miroslava Odalovic March 8th,2014 busy now writing another book. They still flutter past on facebook but I miss the time when they were here. When once we shared poetry on this site: (
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Kaila George 26 May 2014
Wait where has Eric gone, I know I have not been often but his writing, as inspired me to be a better poet, how long has he been gone, oh my....IS HE OK....sigh...I pray you are ok Sir...devoted fan KG
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R.j. Wynn 10 August 2013
You should come back now!
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Ciarli Ling 03 February 2013
Hi Eric, you write too much, I'm jealous. You really are like a Buddhist Priest at his temple.
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Jasmine Basnet 02 September 2012
one bear two bear oh! my dear happy new year
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Jasmine Basnet 02 September 2012
always be happy dont be sad its my saying remember that.....................
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Unwritten Soul 04 June 2012
His voices Those voices Come from somewhere far Far, far a man. a man A man who travel by his mind Who has nothing but honest heart A man who candles light in his voice His words utterly heard Wander through the world With his wisdom played In every song he sings About pieces to be whole About scar to get healed Still far, far away Journey of him to bright To stop and sing his own melody Cheer people with his words Who believe in love Those voices I still hear today From a same man who still offers his heart for us learning something For us taking from his experiences So now i singing my own song for a man who sing us for long A man of far, far away But very near near inside Eric Cockrell Who is a man, where the candled sound comes Dedicate to Eric Cockrell By Unwritten Soul
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Neela Nath Das 29 May 2012
There is a divine touch in his write.It makes us think about the life here and life beyond.I'm one of his admirers.
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L C Vieira 07 April 2012
Your history sets you apart. It's only as we grow older that we appreciate it all - as awful as it once was. Poetry gets us through... Thank you (as someone previously said, Sir!)
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Rajendran Muthiah 29 March 2012
In the poem, Insurrection, the one word 'breaking' has sparked you to think of a number of 'breaking outs' and bring out wonderful images.
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Muhammed Ghandi 20 February 2012
This is soo emotional i started to cry to bad at this. i smashed my old PC in sadness I had a stroke but... WHERE IS THE PUNCHUATION? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? THIS IS DISGRACEFUL IN THE NAME OF GEOGRAPHY
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Declan O Reilly 08 January 2012
Never has a poet so much of himself and his belief system into his poems. A finer poet I've never known and if there is a poet truly worthy of being a poet for all generations, you are that poet. Your poetry deal with issues that most stay clear from and that is perhaps your greatest quality and greatest strength..That bravery is to be admired and may it serve as an inspiration too.
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Ahmed Khaled 07 January 2012
O flying Cockrell, go and go and go, then fly to find there, a green cloud, carrying life and love, when you shake hands with it, ask it politely, to send for us, rain of life, and rain of love, the first, to our desert, the second, to our dreams, then write down over there, four words, and only four words, : : WE MUST SPREAD LOVE PH.D: AHMED KHALED
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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 03 January 2012
One of the reasons i address him as Sir, is because of his excellent writing skills, abundance experience in life, and his intelligent and encouraging comments.he gives the word wisdom a difèrent honoured to ever have a man of his qualities to read and comment on my poetry....
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