A Burdock&Mdash;Clawed My Gown Poem by Emily Dickinson

A Burdock&Mdash;Clawed My Gown

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A Burdock—clawed my Gown—
Not Burdock's—blame—
But mine—
Who went too near
The Burdock's Den—

A Bog—affronts my shoe—
What else have Bogs—to do—
The only Trade they know—
The splashing Men!
Ah, pity—then!

'Tis Minnows can despise!
The Elephant's—calm eyes
Look further on!

Karen Sinclair 01 August 2012

I think im getting the gist of this, a burdock clawed my gown, not burdocks blame, mine....went too near the burdocks den, i think the burdock is a thistly man (not literally but a man who gave her sharp pain or reactions) Bog i think maybe sheer lowest emotion disgust, and maybe (Men) in capitals is expressing the wider vein, as in Man which covers male female... her Tis minnows can despise.... a minnow used as bait (often) and is tiny i think the elephant was chosen for its stature as much as its eyes.... i think much of her writes, baring in mind they were written privately for her, i believe they are (the ones ive read so far) a painfilled complaint of being rebuffed...I do believe if she knew these were in print now, she might be more than horrified....

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Adam Sobh 10 April 2009

I'm doing a project on Emily Dickinson for my 11th grade American Literature class, and i need to find a poem by Miss Emily Dickinson and then analyze it, i chose this poem, but i don't really understand it, so if anybody could please explain it to me and help me to better understand it, i would be extremely grateful.

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* Sunprincess * 14 January 2014

.......I like this stanza much... ~A Bog—affronts my shoe— What else have Bogs—to do— The only Trade they know— The splashing Men! Ah, pity—then! ~

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Angelina Holmes 03 May 2014

Fun stuff. I don't really understand this poem, but it is beautiful nonetheless.

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Zara Karimipour 25 November 2023

The burdocks, the bogs, the minnows may symbolize hardships such as critics, death in her family, lack of understanding her, etc. However, the elephant may symbolize resilience of the one facing those hardships to rise above all.

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Lila devaney 25 June 2018

Inspiring _ intense in its brevity yet light hearted and fun, love it.💕💕

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amy aleman 01 May 2019


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Susan Williams 11 April 2018

I have read that this is about a political rivalry between her father and another politician- both of them who appear to have acted as ridiculously as politicians do today

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What an insightful woman Emily Dickinson was for the era she lived in. Her poetry is right on target. Such fun to read.

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Savita Tyagi 11 April 2018

Superb! We all are bound by our own swabhava.

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