A Burning Heart Poem by Nidhi Rajesh Kumari

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Nidhi Rajesh Kumari

Gaya, Bihar, India

A Burning Heart

The first day she entered the house
With gifts, jwellery and a television
They placed her well in the decorated room
From the window, beautiful was the vision.

Initially, she was treated as a princess
A smile always played on her lips
While they opened all her bags
And, enjoyed the many gifts.

When days turned to weeks and a month
The treasure gradually declined
They were greedy to have some more
And demanded for more presents to be lined.

She pleaded them, her parents were poor
Pleas transformed to begging
They were still firm at their demand
And torture began increasing.

Mother-in-law abused her day long
And husband made nights a hell
Her parents lived away in the village
Whom would she tell, how she dwelt?

Then, one day she made a choice
And, decided to complain
But, powerful were her in-laws
All her efforts were in vain.

Mental trauma and physical torture
Became a part of daily life
Who cared she was someone's daughter
Or even, someone's wife.

That was fine evening
They all seemed well and good
Just then, the mother-in-law
Requested her to cook the food.

She gaily went inside the kitchen
To make the favourites of her family
They threw a devilish smile at her
For, she was fooled easily.

As soon as she lit the matchstick
And rose her hand higher
There was gas leaked in the room
And, the whole place caught fire.

It is here needless to tell
How did the accident take place
Undoubtedly it was them
Who watched the scene with a smiling face.

I tell this story with a heavy heart
For its no new a matter
The same happens to most girls
Who are poor, sooner or latter.

I ask my countrymen today
What sin did that innocent commit
For which she was burnt alive
And when will we put a limit?

A limit to those devils in disguise
Who take lives that He grants
A limit to the endless greeds
And lifelong dowry demands.

Sooner it happens better it is
For its not a single girl's story
May be tomorrow it will be your daughter
Who would be murdered for dowry.

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Nidhi Rajesh Kumari

Gaya, Bihar, India
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