A Candle-Poem Poem by Emma Adamyan

A Candle-Poem

Rating: 5.0

Once I was told a story
About a good man,
Rather one of the best,
Who lived through a real tragedy,
Couldn`t find his peace till the rest,
He was just one of millions
For others...
And the only for his son and daughter.
Being none a lord, but a simple carpenter,
Showed to everyone what true love was
Leaving behind all the terrible lies,
He taught never to surrender for the sake of the first
And always escape the second.
The point is someone needs an arbalest
To make satisfied an inside existed beast,
He needed nothing but his true word and trust,
Didn`t care about anything material, but moral,
Took like a great consolation
Presence of his beloved son.
He left the World as a happy man,
For he got the key to happiness,
Do you still search it on a continent?
He found it in his contentment,
Although he had enough to regret.
If you knew his last words,
The pain would fill you all over,
As you`d never forget them ever,
So, may his soul is welcomed by God,

Dedicated to a true person H. K. (1/28/2005)

Broken Shell 15 July 2016

Tears well up in my eyes, but through them and the beauty of your poem, your soul shines like the face of an angel.

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Sylva Portoian 12 July 2010

This narrative poem tells us. What’s your intention in life This is your inner honest thinking and you want everyone to do like him. I can tell who you are You’re great poetess With your stanzas. You can lace every poem. Like your ancestors' laced – Colored, respectful Armenian Carpet.

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jimmy zepp 01 April 2010

Dear, words are just not enough to describe all I feel when I read this poem over and over again...allow me on my behalf, to light a candle for all the good people you'd lost in this life...Extraordinary

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Sadiqullah Khan 01 February 2010

waav, thats lovely and cute...........10

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