A Cat Perched On The Railing Poem by Amy Marie

A Cat Perched On The Railing

Rating: 5.0

A cat perched on the Railing –
To enamor my every moment –
Was all it took – to make my way –
Out of Jumping's 'jailing.'

A distant singer on the stage –
To swoon me immortally –
Was all it took – to make my day –
And end my enemy – Rage.

Rage – in his grave –
Lets Jumping flee – and go sailing.
This departure I owe – to the singer – so brave –
And my cat perched on the Railing.

Gautham Longman 17 May 2012

A truly gripping poem. I'm officially a fan of yours now.

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Pheko Motaung 17 May 2012

A marvelous majestic poem! Very powerfully written with true honest emotion.Yuh's fantastic.Thank you

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Lynn Glover 20 January 2011

The poem is beautiful, the flow is magnificent and the message is clear. Just an overall great poem by a great poetess. Good job.

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Mar Cav 17 February 2010

I love how the theme circles around and gets so concisely summarized in the last several lines. You have such a nice style. The words you choose and the way you organize them ~ very smooth!

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