A Story Of Love Poem by Amy Marie

A Story Of Love

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It started out as a repressed passion
All it took was some hotel action
That day there was much to be done
The day I didn't know of things to come
I was falling
Falling deep in love

He was soon the one I thought most of
I wanted two to become one
With him I always had so much fun
I truly loved him more I think
That I can type with paper and ink

Until the day that everything
All my fantasies faded away
I found out that the one I wanted as a lover
Only wanted to love another

Mar Cav 17 February 2012

Oh what a sad twist at the end. You expressed so concisely what I imagine occurs (unfortunately) for too often in real life. Very good poem!

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Adeline Foster 14 December 2011

What a sad little poem. You really must read mine - The Bloom of Youth - Adeline

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Anil Kumar Panda 17 June 2011

you gave a sad turn to the poem in the end.is it true? very nice write.loved it.

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Sarah Shahzad 11 January 2020

A wonderful piece. Very nicely done. :)

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Edward Kofi Louis 16 June 2017

Falling deep in love! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Amy Marie 16 June 2017

Thank you

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G. Akanji Olaniyi 13 December 2015

Most good love poems start funny and end up fantastic.......like yours! tfs

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Ricky Singh Bhadauria 25 August 2013

Love is like a rose..Beautiful in the night...Beautiful in the dawn...Whether expressed or unexpressed... It remains within you till the moment you suppress it.. But it dissolves into the whole when you express it... Thanks for sharing your lovely poem....your lovely lines...I wonder if this is one of your autobiographical poems..

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Walterrean Salley 04 August 2012

An all too fammiliar experience for many. Countless hearts broken in the same way. Very sad and painful story.

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