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Life is a bright, long star boulevard,
Where you get good, when you work hard.

But Life is not a fantasy,

☺ .
Ode To Cheese,
Which Makes Us Smile,
When Camera's go Clack.

The Difference between a Man and a Woman;

When Man needs your silver hugs and caressing kisses,
Woman needs your mind as well.

When all the things I touch should die,
I always look upon the sky.

For it holds clouds of wonder, of bliss,

When I Let You In,
I Loved You,
More Than The The Sun Loves The Moon.

Hungry for something you can't have

ignoring the tell-tale cries of the wind.

You are what I love
And crave for so badly that nothing's ever enough.
Somehow creeping to my head,
that it's for the best of me.

In my pocket I had placed your heart
making sure it didn't fall.

Oh! A fish jumped out of the earth for me,

Teacher teacher, fairest of all,
Tell us what leaves will dropp in the fall?

Orange, yellow, red you say,


I throw the glass against the wall; it shatters,

Laugh A Little
Laugh For Long,
Giggle, Chuckle, Chortle, Snort.
Laugh when the tears start rolling

The throbbing of my veins will never stop,
I walk with pride, while others flop.
My neck arched tall, my skin goes pale,
Aglow with youth while others stale.

High on the mountain,
An illuminated face,
Is Brightest of them all.
Holding the secrets of dark,

Past the wall that shields my heart,
so very large and strong.
Lies the remains of truly me,
which is crumbling to nothing.

Your calloused, gentle hand slips away from my little one,
Just as the murkiness blinds me.

It creeps onto me and chokes me off,

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Just another student. (I Dance, I Cry, and I Love Wacky But Emotionally Chilly Poems and Books) ANYWAY, My poems I hope, satisfy a tiny part of you. ANYWAY AGAIN, Please favorite comment rate if they do. ANYWAY FOR THE LAST TIME, I do take time to read a lot! (Hungry heart and working computer) Mail me recommendations if you can. I'd Love To Have Friends Please.♥ ♥ ♥)

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Getting Back Up

Life is a bright, long star boulevard,
Where you get good, when you work hard.

But Life is not a fantasy,
or just a love that's shared between thee'
It's a battlefield of broken goals,
A purple sky with empty souls.
The city streets with littered trash,
the wild fire left with ash.

Falling, hurting,
crying, blurting,
fearing, slipping,
failing, tripping.
Lies from fakers,
burning heart breakers.
Those knocking you down,
smiling when you frown.

But others tell you keep on going,
you try so hard though your steps are slowing.
You can't see the future or get a head start,
So getting back up is the hardest part.

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M Rene Riel 14 July 2009

Hello, Perhaps you would like to take a few moments to read my 5 new poems, and if you do, I'll kindly do the same for you! ! Thanks M Rene Riel

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tanya 17 June 2018

mi caah find no graduation poems.......................

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Annie Miracle 28 December 2011

hey i like this poem my dad was sucidal depresed took pills diedhe decided to see me once out when i was 6 for pills from my mom

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Annie Miracle 28 December 2011

amasing so true haters keep hating one day or someday we will get there........................someday :)

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Theorem Thetruthserum 07 November 2011

really nice to read....a life poem indeed

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Rebecca Martin 02 September 2009

I really enjoyed reading your 'Life Poem' :) ! ! ! Especially about the fish :) was very cute! ! ! It's late, but I'll for sure come back and read more :) ! ! ! I also write...but I've only added one of my poems on here...I desperately need to add the rest of m'! ! ! Anyway, have a great week! ! ! And HAPPY Writing! ! ! :) -Rebecca :)

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