Tushar Ray

Gold Star - 11,909 Points (October 31,1939 / Kolkata, India)

A Child Scientist - Poem by Tushar Ray

My 6-year old granddaughter, Mya Ray
Became an avid lover of the animals
Like the ants, mouse, cats, bees and the birds
She gets friendly quick conversing calmly
While observing them carefully and tenderly

Few days back Mya ran to me excited
Seeing the humming birds gathering honey
In our backyard from cactus blossoms
Asking me to join her in humming bird watch
As I do often in her investigations
As cheerful supporter cum co-investigator of her

Here is a glimpse of our last investigation on ant
Where I was her co-investigator
Which I describe here prior to the honeybees,
To show the depth of her investigation
Thus during morning walk on neighboring footpath
Mya was suddenly stilled by a line of ants
And started following them to locate their home
Being most curious of the ant’s behaviors
Such as ants ability to maintaining their course
After interrupting ant line by her finger
And how do they restore same course again?
How deep in underground do they live
How large and widespread are their colonies
How many families are in ant colonies?
On way home I narrated her about ant’s abilities
In building amazing underground cities
With some detail on the highways and living colonies
And some other aspects we discussed at home

Now back to our current project on humming bird:
We went to our backyard near the cactus flowers
Sat calmly in two chairs close to the flowers
Soon a humming bird appeared fast in few minutes
Cute bird, two-inch long with a sharp beak
Covered with silky feather in multicolor hues
Almost like a whirring mini-rainbow
And started sucking honey, perfectly still
Maintaining a straight line from its beak to tail end
Fully absorbed sucking honey, obviously very hungry
Wings are in invisible motion, body stationary
And nearly vanished amidst flowers becoming a part

Suddenly paused for resting on a V-shaped-stem
A drop of honey became visible at the very beak-tip
Which it began sucking into the throat in closed eyes
And after a brief joyful rest flew to extra flowers
Gathering honey this way from ten others
Then the bird took off as swiftly as it arrived
With lightning speed and disappeared into the thin air
Very fast, ending as a blue dot in the far clear sky!

We talked on differences between humming birds
And bumbling honey-bees we saw a week ago
Bumble bees come in flocks making buzzing sound
Collecting honey sitting at the core of flower
Silently drinking honey till got so drunk they can’t fly
Thus whole bunch gets drunk and hangs in there
Unsteady, bumping each another with occasional hums
Rolling over flowers, help spreading the pollens, thus
Creating fruits and plant seeds for the future!
But, the happy go lucky type humming birds apparently
Enjoy nectars to gain vigor for flying at lightning speed!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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