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(Poet wrapped in agile Poems)

Just the other day
My longtime dear friend,

(Amar je-gan tomar porosh pabe)

Where in my mind Thy touch unearths
While passionately singing in-depth?

Most adults at times are caught in a tug of war
Amid gratification of ego and own ethical role
And typically in most cases they feel strong pull
Towards their affinity for a self-indulgent goal

Love has many faces like the waves of an ocean
Only more intimate and baffling than that
But as the turmoil stops and waves becomes ocean
Calm water once again appears in the front

(Kego antaro-taro se)

Who’s this nearest one in my heart?
Whose deep touch crafts

I do feel in silence
The footprints of Infinity
Deep inside me
Amid the dancing energy in my body

(Tomayay notun kore pabo bole)

Oh my Love I want to get Thee

আনন্দ আজ আকাশ পথে হাওয়ায় লাগাম টেনে,
যাত্রা কালে মরুর বুকে হটাথ গেছে থেমে I
কি ভেবে সে আত্মভোলা
আপন মনে ভাসিয়ে ভেলা

Oh Universal Mother, dearest of my dear
You are the life of my life
As the love of my loving Universe
I see this existence as your vast body

I am simple delight
Coming from the eternal light
The light of clear consciousness
The one without a shadow

What we think is what we are
And thoughts in turn set our stance
Governing again our own action
When reactions are set into motion

Listen to this amazing child prodigy
This 12-year old, Mattie
Fighting the muscular Dystrophy
Sitting on a wheel chair

Oh, quietly asleep Thou Art
In my deepest heart, all alone
Please wake up my Beloved!
I’m waiting behind closed door


The fear of terror is now running abound
All over our globe by terrorist acts
But knowing all facts and how to combat
We must be alert but not panic struck

When the sun smiles the sky smiles
When the sky smiles we smile
When we smile the birds smile
When birds smile everything smile

Hey, what’s so special on this day?
Though I happened to be born
Decades ago in West Bengal, India today

Oh my Hangry-mind
Stop yearning for all things you desire
And not owning making you angry
Change this Hangry habit, my friend

(Megh bolechhe jabo jabo rat bolechhe jai)

The cloud said it was about to leave
And night said it is just leaving, while

(Tomaro aseeme prano-mono loye joto dure ami dhaie)

No matter how far I travel towards Thee
With my mind and soul

Greeted by my secret-thorn flower will blossom
Coloring my spiky-plight giving rise to the rose
When the sky I’ve been craving for will descend
Enjoying the aroma and thrilling my longing-heart

Tushar Ray Biography

I am a trained Ph. D. Biochemist. Besides a passionate researcher in ion-transport field I have been practicing Yoga and Meditation everyday since 1980’s and taught 'Quantum Meditation' to students in my Yoga School from 1998 to 2005 following my retirement from SUNY-Upstate Medical Center. Such subjective investigations (thru yoga and meditation) inspired me to integrate my biochemical understanding of cell function with the holistic aspect of cellular networks in our body. Since 2006 I became more interested in brain function, and have been studying the devotee volunteers at the RS Vedanta Center, Phoenix, Arizona who are eager to live in mind-body-brain harmony, and are striving for. I began to perceive the viewpoints of modern scientists in the light of spiritual wisdom like ancient poets in India. Consequently, I wanted to combine my knowledge in biochemistry with traditional spiritual science to express the basic unity. To my satisfaction I could say that I am able to express the unity more clearly in a poetic form than I could have done otherwise.)

The Best Poem Of Tushar Ray

Roseann V. Shawiak

(Poet wrapped in agile Poems)

Just the other day
My longtime dear friend,
Tom Vasudev
After his billiard game with
Coach Shawiak
On his way to join for coffee
At a nearby Cafe
Picked me up from my home
To meet a well reputed
Humanist friend
Poet RoseAnn V. Shawiak,
The author of countless
Remarkable poems

On our way to the Café
Minutes away from home
Tom detailed postural part of the poet
During writing her poems
And upon arrival I saw
An identical picture in my front
Poet Roseann!
Deeply busy in writing poem
With her left hand,
Drumming a musical note
And her right hand,
Engaged in writing a poem
Together "Poet and her poem"
Became a symphony!
Surely an out of the world sight
All together!

After her usual transcendence
She came to smile
Like a child beaming towards me
Sitting ahead in front
And following a brief exchange
All of us went for coffee
Returning quickly with snacks
Took our assigned seats
And began chatting
On the outlooks in our life,
The philosophical basis,
We discussed about our ways
And our life's missions
And Motivations behind our
Poetic inspirations,
And nature of aspiration -etc.
I gave an account of my drive in life
And got an unexpected glimpse
Of.Poet RoseAnn in return

On May 4th of last year
RoseAnn was in intensive care
Remaining unconscious
For many a dreadful days
With least survival chance
But beating all the odds
She came back fully conscious
To tell her personal account
During her "presumed dead" state
Here I describe:
She had an amazingly clear
Ten-dimensional vision
Of a ten-petal blue rose
Each petal shining
In own unique facet
Divulging ten dimensions
In soothing blue shade
With multi-color hues
Still vividly flashing in her mind
And, modern science is puzzled
By the clear memory of Roseann
Under such odd situation

Being a mind-body scientist
I can understand
Her multi-dimensional feeling
Based on my own experience
I had in the late 80's
Learning mind-body integration
During deep meditation
Gathering firsthand knowledge
On spiritual root of my mind
And such awareness enabled me
To study any human mind
By focusing my attention
Akin to the following:
Inspecting only a grain of rice
Reveals the status of
All grains in a cooked-rice pot
Without a doubt

So, I highlight the following:
Roseann was born with talents,
By nurturing them from early age
She made herself proficient
And her talent became more acute
During near-death condition
Making it a normal event for her
At any chosen instant
So, aiding such an extra quality
Made her a very relaxed poet
With plenty of inspirations
At any chosen moment

Blue is the most relaxed color
Chosen by a mind
Have been used by countless yogis
Since the Vedic time
Naturally, the blue sky high above
Became the icon of pure selfless love,
That turns into a source of vigor
Following self-realization

Hence a gifted person
Having a photographic memory
With a colored blue-soul
Is capable of creating
Many a dimensions in her vision
Adding appropriate hues:
And, poet Roseann
Fits this very category,
Based on our holistic science,
Not any allegory!
- - - - - - - - - -
12/4/2014; Final Dec 7,2014

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Tushar Ray Quotes

'Poets in creative vision live in a transcendental mood Famed in modern science as innate quantum zone When the poet lives in a field of universal connectivity While enjoying its mystical beauty in abundant fun'

Behold, the pain of mother Earth is aching the heart of man How can a man stay numb today in this payback-to-mom game?

'In life you embodied a spirit of love and dignity In death you have become a spirit of Solidarity'

'Science and Spirituality are complimentary to one another and essential for a complete growth of personality'

'Since scientist have created such myth over centuries of biases Today, they are obligated in removing the ignorance of masses'

'Win or loss remain the same if honoring the will of God'

'The image of dancing Siva, our graceful Nataraja, Depicts humanity's arts-science and religion in one'

becoming a part of "God-Consciousness" Hangout as "Droplet in His Oceanic Universe"

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Tushar Ray Popularity

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