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I am a trained Ph. D. Biochemist. Besides a passionate researcher in ion-transport field I have been practicing Yoga and Meditation everyday since 1980’s and taught 'Quantum Meditation' to students in my Yoga School from 1998 to 2005 following my retirement from SUNY-Upstate Medical Center. Such subjective investigations (thru yoga and meditation) ...

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Roseann V. Shawiak

(Poet wrapped in agile Poems)

Just the other day
My longtime dear friend,

Tagore Song (#56) I Don’t Know Whereabouts Of My Song

(Amar je-gan tomar porosh pabe)

Where in my mind Thy touch unearths
While passionately singing in-depth?

Towards A Noble Desire

Most adults at times are caught in a tug of war
Amid gratification of ego and own ethical role
And typically in most cases they feel strong pull
Towards their affinity for a self-indulgent goal

Many Faces Of Love

Love has many faces like the waves of an ocean
Only more intimate and baffling than that
But as the turmoil stops and waves becomes ocean
Calm water once again appears in the front

Tagore Song (#59) Who Is That Nearest In My Heart?

(Kego antaro-taro se)

Who’s this nearest one in my heart?
Whose deep touch crafts

Tushar Ray Quotes

26 November 2014

'Poets in creative vision live in a transcendental mood Famed in modern science as innate quantum zone When the poet lives in a field of universal connectivity While enjoying its mystical beauty in abundant fun'

04 December 2014

Behold, the pain of mother Earth is aching the heart of man How can a man stay numb today in this payback-to-mom game?

26 December 2014

'In life you embodied a spirit of love and dignity In death you have become a spirit of Solidarity'

28 December 2014

'Science and Spirituality are complimentary to one another and essential for a complete growth of personality'

18 February 2015

'Since scientist have created such myth over centuries of biases Today, they are obligated in removing the ignorance of masses'

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