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You Need Me As Much As I Need You

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Oh Universal Mother, dearest of my dear
You are the life of my life
As the love of my loving Universe
I see this existence as your vast body
Where I play in your bosom
Often though being unmindful of this
Yet, you can’t separate yourself from me
Mother, this is your best guarantee!

This much I surely know

Since I am built out and out within you
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Thursday, March 12, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Roseann Shawiak 25 August 2015

Tushar, I was so surprised at your response to my comment, I only acknowledged the truth of what I felt as I read your poem, it still resonates within my mind, touching and re-touching my mind and heart with it's loving and simple message! I have put it on my favorite poem list, because it is so perfectly attuned to my spirit. Thank you once again, Tushar, my dearest friend in life. RoseAnn

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Roseann Shawiak 15 March 2015

A tantalizing and titillating poem, very enjoyable reading! Love these lines especially: Due to your power behind my eyes I see, and due to your power behind my ears I hear, yet giving me a little bit of will power You make me feel as if I am the doer. Those lines are so powerfully simple and profound, an amazing poem you have written, Tushar. Through our poetical intellect, I see how we became such fast friends, Tushar, you are a very sensitive and philosophic person capable of such creativity. Thank you, RoseAnn

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Tushar Ray 15 March 2015

I was overwhelmed after reading your comments on my poems. You literally made me cry out of sheer joy, my friend. I felt like it was coming as a blessing from Almighty Lord. In my entire life I never felt this way for any kind of scientific recognition I received so far. Your words are still ringing in my ear like a music. This is so special!

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