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Roseann V. Shawiak

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Just the other day
My longtime dear friend,
Tom Vasudev
After his billiard game with
Coach Shawiak
On his way to join for coffee
At a nearby Cafe
Picked me up from my home

To meet a well reputed
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
Amitava Sur 10 December 2014

It's an wonderful penning, detailing about a person (though we know her since long as an outstanding poet) about her multidimensional qualities and that also being experienced and witnessed by an enlightened person like you who himself is a Scientist doing his research on harmony between mind- brain - and body and how the human cell are functioning holistically. No doubt of Poet Shawaik to be a prodigy with her photographic memory and the capability of writing poems so quickly in presence of music being played or on line. We all are fortunate to have a prodigial lady with us and I personally wish all the success with herself and wish her this multi talent quality is highlighted in a bigger platform to recognize her rare quality. I profusely thank you Mr. Ray to dig her out and present in front of the world with your detailed poem, here in PH..... Thanks a lot |

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Kim Barney 22 December 2014

An amazing poem about an amazing lady. Fascinating scientific explanation that most of us mortals don't even have the background to understand. I am going to read more poems written by both of you!

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Roseann Shawiak 12 December 2014

Tushar, thank you so very much for this amazing poem! It has completely astonished me from beginning to end! Never have I, nor my poetry been scientifically explained before this. You have spoken only truths into this poem, and yet have created a stepping stone into the realms of holistic science. I am humbled beyond imagination to be so well-written of by Dr. Tushar Ray, the Holistic Scientist Of Life.

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Roseann Shawiak 10 December 2014

Thank you, Amitava for your comment, I am deeply humbled by your praise. Taking it to heart from my dear philosopher friend whose poetry I truly love. RoseAnn

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A lovely poem and a great tribute to a poetess of amazing realities

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Bri Edwards 29 March 2018

i heard from Roseann aka RoseAnn Shawiak that YOU died last year. how are things where you are now? nice, i hope! ! ! i either read this a few years ago (though i see no comment from me) OR RoseAnn sent it to me. most interesting. she is still alive, against dubious odds, in case ya didn't know. maybe she will see you again! ! ! ? bri ;)

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Shakil Ahmed 25 October 2015

it's an amazing tribute to a great soul by a great soul, i loved and enjoyed reading the poem,

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Stephani Kievaughan 25 September 2015

is this a freestyle writing blog where's the poetry at?

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Roop Rekha Bhaskar 13 September 2015

How could i find poems like this in order? was it meant to be? First i read the poem about Krishna, then Life after death and then Life itself! ! I had tears in my eyes. but not of sadness. It is the belief in the end. A person who is selfless needs more time with earthly beings so that she can change lives? this kept her going. She had unfinished work and God had no option but to set her down gently to carry on her work as before. She is a God's child. You have shared this so very simply and so beautifully.

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Victor Cruickshank 24 July 2015

I read some of her poems and I was intrigued. They were not like anything I have ever read before. Her writing style is amazing. I messaged her and she directed me to this poem.

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