A Christmas Cracker (One Night Only) Poem by sylvia spencer

A Christmas Cracker (One Night Only)

Rating: 5.0

There is no home and the night is long, the body is weak
but the mind is strong. The weathers cold and the
ground is damp. no pennies in their pockets, tummies empty
and limbs with cramp. Now who brings these people in for
Christmas to eat a meal fit for a king. To share the wamth and
comfort, and too their voice's let carols sing. To sing in Praise of
Jesus Christ our Lord, for where he was born in no more than a
stable which became his bed a board.
So many of our homeless can they be saved from the brink, just
by giving them a warm blanket and a hot drink. Fill their tummies
so the hunger goes, where they go tomorrow know one knows.
They lay their heads and fall asleep, for one night only they need
not weep.A Christmas Cracker for one night only then it's back
to the streets and a life called lonely; where their cry is without pity and cardboard has become their city.
They run from homes leaving trouble behind, not knowing
what awaits them because their eyes are blind.

Scarlett Treat 01 December 2006

I have always wondered why folks at Christmas time rush to shelters for the homeless, feed a person one meal, then return home and feel good the rest of the year because they have 'done their part! ' What about the other 364 days in the year? ? This poem really points that out, and hopefully, it will make someone want to go out in February or July or August and find someone else to help. Well done, Miss Rose, very well done! !

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Sandra Fowler 29 November 2006

Very touching, Sylvia. Your compassion becomes you. You have a caring heart, 10 without hesitation. Love, Sandra

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Nicola Burkett 29 November 2006

What a gem of a poem...Poetic Imagery at it's best. This poem also has a strong sense of loneliness, Despair. a deff 10 from me Sincerely (Hugs with a cherry on top) Nickie x x

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Bria Age 28 November 2006

That's a wonderful poem. I'm new here at poemhunter and i was wondering if you keep in touch.

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