Ride The Imagination Train Poem by sylvia spencer

Ride The Imagination Train

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When my children were small,
we played a great, wet weather game.
One where we would travel,
on the Great Imagination Train.
First we would travel,
through fields and pastures green
and visit all the places,
that they had never seen,
but before we could do this
we had to board, The Great Imagination
either at Waterloo,
or Charring Cross Station.
We would track up to Liverpool,
through Englands country wide
then stop for an ice cream,
along the Merseyside.
They all loved the viaduct
with it's great distance below.
It was even better over an aqueduct,
where they could see the river underflow.
When they travelled through a tunnel,
that was built in the side of a hill.
They would all start screaming,
but it was really quite a thrill.
Off we would go to Manchester
to see the ship canal.
It was very tight along the track
they all thought her brakes would fail.
Our train took us over bridges,
as we travelled, from north to south,
the train took us to the Thames estuary
and we even saw her mouth.
It was here we reached Southhampton,
with all the ships to see.
The time was right to stop for lunch
while the kids had a paddle in the sea.
This Great Train game,
was loved by them all,
To them it was a geography lesson
which helped them at school.
It was a game of fun,
that kept them amused.
Not one of my kids were Hypo
this game just totally, defused.

John Tiong Chunghoo 10 March 2007

i love this poem. reminds me of emily, death stops for me.

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Francesca Johnson 04 August 2006

Yes, I see what you mean, Sylvie. Exercising all parts of the brain by using the imagination and learning about geography, not to mention natural history, social history, everything. Thanks for directing me to this one. Loved it. Love, Fran xx

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Duncan Wyllie 02 March 2006

A nucleus of warmth and family adventure through thought and feeling.Wonderful, Golden time.Love Duncan

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Scarborough Gypsy 18 February 2006

This is another tremendous write. I love imagination games and encourage them as much as possible. Kids these days don't seem to know how to do it. What with computer games, video's etc. But my kids know how to. I have always made sure of that. You have captured everything wonderful about being a parent and a child in this poem. I absolutely love it! Thanks love Gyp's

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Mary Nagy 28 April 2005

What a great idea! ! My kids always made sure we planned to 'meet' at a certain place in our dreams...sometimes it was 'candyland' where everything from the trees to the dirt was a type of sweet, or our favorite spot in the woods...this always helped them get to sleep in their own beds when they knew it was only a matter of moments until we would all meet up...in our dreams. You've inspired me to write a poem of it. Sincerely, Mary

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