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A Coffee Kettle For A Cup Of Coffee

Rating: 4.5

I love to drink coffee more than tea Simply because a cup of coffee lets me feel well The moment I start the first sip anytime, Coffee is delicious and it makes someone Awake all his or her daylong, Tea is good to some people, but I choose coffee first, Drinking something is a matter of one's mood Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, In reality, I started drinking coffee when I was a little kid Where I used to share my parents' morning coffee And anytime's coffee, Most of the people whom I know drink coffee It depends if it is sweetened, if it is unsweetened, or If it is medium coffee, Some prefer the Arabian coffee Simply because it is number one in town, Some prefer the Brazilian coffee because It has a certain taste, and Some enjoy the American coffee Simply because it is great especially the well-known brands Like Starbucks, ..........., .........., Coffee is the greatest drink if it is Compared to the other hot or cold drinks.... ______________________________________________________________________

Friday, August 29, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love educates