A Crowd Of Flowers Were Seen In Bloom Poem by Terence Craddock

A Crowd Of Flowers Were Seen In Bloom

flowers bloom then fade I fear
in season passed on roadside seen
in spring bloom life is evergreen
but winter falls flowers disappear;
a crowd of flowers were ladies fair
scent of flowers lingers in mind air
especially a fiery yellow memory stirs
violet never fully bedded in head burns;

time has passed a nobleman in health fallen
no longer rides proud horse is wretched dying
of course to lazy to pluck flowers while riding;
to stir himself gather flowers bloom in season
he rode on by imagined profile against blue sky
no thought given to youth passing time to die;

now he is wretched dying grave already aired
it is crowd of flowers haunts not death feared
scent of flowers scorned fills mind visions
memory painful mocking are heart incisions;
flowers were ladies fair a proud nobleman
was too proud too arrogant lazy to chase then
timed ladies revenge crowd flowers blooms
entices in memories lost chase chances curses;

a once proud nobleman now old dying fool
heart beat too weak skin too pale too cool
he never heard 'it is better to have loved lost;
than never to have loved at all' now counts cost
seems on his death bed he lusts in dying regret
for chase never made for sweet lovers not met;

where is solace now found death close at hand
drink cup potion Lethe's waters to regret forget
swift cure condition known to man time saddest,
drink oblivion pain concealment for broken heart
drink forgetfulness drink past pain lost in cloud
sow your wild oats when young face no age regret;

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: dying,flowers,forget,forgotten,life,life and death,memories,regret,time
Copyright © Terence George Craddock
Written in October 2020 on the 29.12.2020.
Inspired by the poem 'Einst Sah Ich Viele' by the poet Heinrich Heine.
Dedicated to the poet Henrich Heine.
Lethe (pronounced: lee-thee)means oblivion, forgetfulness or concealment. Letheis one of the five rivers in Hades, the underworld in Greek mythology.
Complete version of the split images 'No Thought Given To Youth Passing Time To Die', 'It Is Crowd Of Flowers Haunts Not Death Feared' and 'Drink Cup Potion Lethe's Waters To Forget' by the poet Terence George Craddock.
Michael Walker 28 October 2020

There is indeed a resemblance between fading, dying flowers, and the passing on a man. This man missed out on searching for beautiful flowers; now it is too late.

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