A Dead Man's Poem! Poem by Sanji-Paul Arvind

A Dead Man's Poem!

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When I realized, soul departing,
Remembering, whole life, a cloud passing.
An infant playing in a mothers lap,
As a kid for mistakes, getting a slap.

Walking with dad, hand in hand,
A person who is a magical wand,
Fulfilling our small wishes,
As we were his prince or princess.

Crying to go to school,
Later not wanting to return, was awful,
Carrying heavy loads of bag,
Bunking and walking with a swag.

Getting addicted for a cigarettes drag,
Gave confidence, felt an act to brag,
Getting high with drinks,
A day wasted, passed in brinks.

Unaware of value of the time,
For your younger self, it was a crime,
When opportunities knocked,
unable to understand, I kicked.

Never understood, true love of parents,
with regret, missing all those moments.
Not knowing what I have, to cherish,
I do now, on my way to perish.

Love, life and wife,
all cut by death as a knife,
The first touch and kiss,
A memorable moment I will miss.

As I see my body lying,
Only loved ones around weeping,
For them we are important,
the rest were not even present.

All those people that we hanged out,
In my last days, never heard my shout,
Value life, time, family, friends,
Only these will be beside us when life ends.

Unfortunate event, from self, parting,
Cannot even say goodbye, its haunting,
This body, connected to a soul,
From birth till last, played a wonderful role.

A Dead Man's Poem!
Thursday, May 16, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: affinity and love,family,friends,lessons of life,soul,death
A thought about death and what our inner self thinks, before it consumes us and we will be gone forever.

Nicely painted to personality of the protagonist..good poem

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