A Difference 6 (Dummy Style) Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

A Difference 6 (Dummy Style)

are you a Regulator?
most Regulators are nonprofits?
what are By-Laws?
so when you and the homiez and homegurlz simulating
positions within a corporation
at the table
and how many Nodes?
so what type(s)of networking topology(ies)
fit this scenario?

if you owned an auction deed home
with a basement
exterior add-on
how many times would you hold the think tank?

how many times
would ahwould yall

Friday, July 13, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: real success,real life
now i gotta have money to invest into Futures and Options of the Commodity Exchanges i need to be investing into righ? righ and including into myself for the Character of they movie in the background appearing with no involvement or solicitation just spontaneous surveys with of course paying em a dollar per completed survey as part of my Marketing and Advertising strategy cause you never know what a collective people of communities bee thinking conjuring up as painted and clean toes stepping with ah quickness on a mission to sppsiss sppsiss psst gossip gossip vining based on your and my appearance indigenously cause they wanna spend their monies earned and they deserve to spend their monies with my business(es)whether DBA or Franchise intranationally to internationally i bee ah difference six...and watcha gon due? immah pay my taxes and prepare to pay my taxes in other countries by down-loading the apps being tactically and proficient efficiently bees da sweeter taste in my mouf spitting into da eyes who tried tah see disrespectfully blinding em all to disabled leaving shaken and duffled plus stranded and unbuckled cause they crashed like they should appropriately based on their depth of perception needing glasses no more while we took ours out filling em up with purple bullets and green eyes fermented juice bottled individually and um oh geah much props to the blue lobelia too...(when studying your Tribes you find we been studying the All since eons and eons ago so this ain't nothing new on the real...ancient as a matter of fact and sow when you give flowers away to a indigenous female just remind her of the herbal recipes and change the loss into a gain and not for ornamental purposes of emotions...don't be tricking and definitely don't be treating like a sucka do...i rather give you my switch so you can turn her on fo'real and not the fake way for some pleasure cause educating a indigenous female who didn't know her self is educating a Tribal titled female as she birth a Nation and not a family nah a Nation and love ain't got nothing to do wid this at all just miseducation and correction on the real....
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