A Different Side Of You Poem by Tracey Owens

A Different Side Of You

Rating: 4.3

On any given night,
I would have not expected this.
It was like any other night.
You had always shown me
the happier side of you,
but this time you hid nothing.
You explained how you saw everything,
including your opinion of me.
I sat back and listened to what
you were telling me.
After you finished,
I had a different opinion about you.
There was something dark about
you that I never saw in a person.
There was hate in your eyes.
Hate that was towards everything
and everyone.
I was now seeing the real you.

NoName DeletedAccount 06 November 2009

love it, good poem =) +10

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~ Jon London ~ 24 July 2009

Oh this comes from the heart.....the battle between love and hate.....sometimes can be a no win situation......many people say go with your heart.....but how can that be when it can hurt so much...a mind crippled by confusion and pain....this is well penned....many can and will relate to this love issue that we all have and will feel at some point in our lives.....great job 10

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Sarwar Chowdhury 24 July 2009

finely penned what you observed! sometime it happens! what i wud say is, love breeds love, hatred breeds hatred! 10+

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