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I am not made of perfection.
Infact I have many flaws.
I have made many mistakes
and will continue to make more.

On any given night,
I would have not expected this.
It was like any other night.
You had always shown me

This type of person is rarely found in life.
They will only let you see the good parts
of life and never let you think of the bad.
A special person holds a special place

Everyone has these.
As a child you hold this
idea of what you will become
When your an adult.

It hurts to breathe when I
think of you.
It's hard to not cry when
I see you walk by.


You were not there for me
When i needed you the most.
You let me fall to a thousand pieces
Without even caring


Age is just a number that marks
the passing age of a individual.
It can never control what one does
or how much one can understand.

I have longed for a day like
this ever since I can remember.
On this better Day I dont want to
feel the worries that I carry.

You see me on the floor, tears rolling down my face.
You look at me for a split second and then turn away.
I beg for you not to leave but you show no interest to stay.
You walk out the door without a word or a last look.

Is happiness a myth or does it
really exist.
If it exist why are so many people
unhappy in this world.

You let me say my cruel words
And let my anger pass.
You never say anything bad
To me and you never hold a


There is a time in everyone's
life when one needs that final
answer or that last choice.
One needs to know that


There is a place where one
feels secure and safe
from the outside world.
There is a place where


It gives one many turns on the way.
It is hard or easy depending
on which way
one chooses to go.

She knows everyones troubles
and worries in the world.
She carries this burden of
knowledge everywhere she goes.


It falls from the sky
and lands on my arm.
i wipe over the rain drop
and i begin to ponder a thought.

Do you know your the only person
that I want to be with.

Do you know my thoughts are only about you,

Death is always there waiting
for the years, days, and hours
to pass by.
Death is something that

The truth lies within her eyes,
But she will not speak a word.
Tears roll down her cheeks
Because she can not reveal

I feel like I have so much pain in my heart.
Im grasping for love and life tight.
I want to never feel this way again, but knowing
I will if i put myself out there again.

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I was introduced to poemhunter when I was asked to read someone's work. I've been on here since then. I didn't consider writing until June and I was still new to the world of poetry. I've taken a new prospective of how I see things. I've enjoyed reading others work and meeting talented people. I know my poems are not the best, but I try. I take under consideration people's opinions and I try to improve each time I write. I write because it helps gather my thoughts and I'm able to express myself. Some of my poems are written for people and about people. My friends give me inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to read my work and I hope you enjoy them :))

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Can You Love Me?

I am not made of perfection.
Infact I have many flaws.
I have made many mistakes
and will continue to make more.
I am not beautiful,
but I have a big heart.
Can you love me for who I am?

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Tracey has some talent. keep on writing lady and the only way to go is up! ! ! continue!

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