A Better Day Poem by Tracey Owens

A Better Day

Rating: 3.5

I have longed for a day like
this ever since I can remember.
On this better Day I dont want to
feel the worries that I carry.
I want to be able to breathe
and not feel trapped.
To be able to let go and be
myself would mean everything.
On this better Day I want to be
with that one person and no one else.
I want to be able to close my eyes
and re open them to see the world at it's
glory and not see the damage that has
been inflicted on it.
I want every problem that this world has seen
to just go away and for everyone to start fresh.
I know this is a long shot for a day like this to ever
happen but theres always hope that it might just
happen one day.
I want to witness this Better Day.

Adi Cox 30 June 2009

By writing this poem I am sure your 'better day' has become a little closer to you. The power of poetry. You seem to have direction and a vision of where you want to go with your creative writing.

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Yassar Ali 27 June 2009

great poem touching a wonderful dream we all have

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this is good. why? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? unlike most who settle in the darkness you seem to realise that there is light. search for it. i believe you would find it.

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James Mclain 20 June 2009

Of course it will happen, it is tomorrow no longer than the day after..could be latter today..iip

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