Tracey Owens Poems

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Can You Love Me?

I am not made of perfection.
Infact I have many flaws.
I have made many mistakes
and will continue to make more.

A Different Side Of You

On any given night,
I would have not expected this.
It was like any other night.
You had always shown me

A Special Person

This type of person is rarely found in life.
They will only let you see the good parts
of life and never let you think of the bad.
A special person holds a special place


Everyone has these.
As a child you hold this
idea of what you will become
When your an adult.


It hurts to breathe when I
think of you.
It's hard to not cry when
I see you walk by.


You were not there for me
When i needed you the most.
You let me fall to a thousand pieces
Without even caring


Age is just a number that marks
the passing age of a individual.
It can never control what one does
or how much one can understand.

A Better Day

I have longed for a day like
this ever since I can remember.
On this better Day I dont want to
feel the worries that I carry.

Crying Out For You

You see me on the floor, tears rolling down my face.
You look at me for a split second and then turn away.
I beg for you not to leave but you show no interest to stay.
You walk out the door without a word or a last look.

Does Happiness Exist?

Is happiness a myth or does it
really exist.
If it exist why are so many people
unhappy in this world.

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