A) . Every Day Poem by Bill Smith

A) . Every Day

Rating: 5.0

Every day the mind ticks faster than the clock
Gathered thoughts confuse the troubled mind
Half truths blind the future blessed
questions rebound to the one who asked
In turmoil seeking inner peace
where happiness is self denied by
doubts gorged on make believe
The truth pushed back by rank desire
for things to be as he would want
Thunderstorms of words hammer down on
troubled days where too much time
plays its song on heartstrings open to abuse
Needing to believe in right from wrong
the innocent swims once more to the surface
breathing stale air from yesterday
bereft of youthful optimism
Tied down by experience of what can be
knowing that faith in human nature
most often leads to disappointment
Not all is as it really seems for there
are those who seek to prey or pray on such as him
see a weakness to exploit and creep inside for the kill
Yet he knows inside his heart of hearts
that what is best can burn some more
on boilers laid in safe retreat
Happiness grabbed in measures small
can lay replete in lies laid tall
stacked ready to be discovered
some time later in hind sights afterglow
then he can say I told me so
Crook an arm and pat his back
the very one that holds the knife
the wound still open, worn with pride
scratched some more by the thorns
laid in perfect symmetry
upon a mattress where he lies
still in the dead of night, bathing in remorse
No regret passes his lips
No sweet wine of victory
Just remorseless if and when
the promised corner never comes
denied by self once more it hangs
on the nail behind the door
never seen
always on the wrong side
always lost in almost there
Every day the mind ticks faster than the clock


You put a lot of thought into this poem, the words and verse, the subject all flow well.

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Matt Pocock 13 January 2008

Profound and yet personal: Brilliant.

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Jolanta Gradowicz 12 January 2008

very interesting thinking expressed in the poem.

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Fallen Too Far 07 January 2008

Beautiful imagery! Oh that I had half the talent! Such beautiful thoughts it creates upon the reader, almost forcing them to be thought and yet laid out so tenderly! ! Clearly genius! thank you

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