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Secondhand Dreams

Rating: 3.8

I listened as she spoke of love
She spoke as if she knew
She spoke of what could happen
I thought maybe that’s true
She spoke of far off places
Of mountains sun and sea
I listened rapt I wanted
A piece of this for me
She spoke of candlelit dinners
By beach and by moonlight

She spoke of nights of passion
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Mary Nagy 06 October 2005

I thought this was truly beautiful Bill. Very romantic and descriptive.......I loved it. Sincerely, mary

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Glen Shorts 06 October 2005

Hope for your second hand job To accompany her hummed piece As the promise of another smile Fades and the passions decrease

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Delilah Miller 27 May 2008

Well, I could only hope one day to be as captivating. You've got such a pretty, twisting word choice in all your poems, or what I've read so far. X's and O's

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Shannon Chapel 04 December 2005

Bill, Again...beautiful. Very powerful. S

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Max Reif 07 October 2005

Are you saying you were eavesdropping on the whole conversation? That makes it quite powerful!

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Payal Parekh 07 October 2005

the last two lines are so beautiful, they say it all!

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Simone Inez Harriman 06 October 2005

Bill I really enjoyed this poem. Thank you.

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