I Have No Love Poem by Bill Smith

I Have No Love

Rating: 4.0

I have no love to call my own,
I stand with friends yet feel alone,
within my heart true love resides,
I know not where my lover lies,
deep inside a fire burns,
my aching heart sadly yearns,
to release the power it holds within,
to waste this love must be a sin,
I’ve no belief in the pure white Dove,
no faith in miracles from above,
give me something tangible, something real,
give me flesh and blood that I can feel,
give me two soft lips pressed against mine,
so sweet that till the end of time,
no matter how oft our lips should meet,
the ground still shakes beneath our feet,
give me a face that holds sparkling eyes,
that dim the stars that fill night skies,
let me feel the long silk like tresses,
of my love as she undresses,
let me gaze upon her sleeping form,
as the sun rises to announce the morn,
give me shared laughter, open smiles,
challenge me with womanly wiles,
give me a love that chases clouds from the sky,
give me a love that makes others ask why,
they cannot be as happy as those two there,
give me a love so obvious people stare,
give me a love felt in every touch,
give me a love that means so very much,
so much that till the day I die,
not one hour will pass by,
without pledging my love is true,
by telling my love.......I love you

I have no love to call my own,
I stand in a crowd yet stand alone,
I sit in company, I laugh I smile,
I sit, but yet, all the while,
there is no label to be shown,
in a crowded room.......I am alone.......

Angel Smith 16 October 2005

Very touching, a tad to long tough. keep up the good work! ! ! Angel

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Vidushi Khera 04 October 2005

hey bill That was really good... sounded like something i feel too...i was really touched and also very happy reading the poem! ! LuV VidZ

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