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The king sat in his silver bathtub one morning
And he realized, as he soaked in the soft bubbles
That you can not rule your kingdom from a silver bathtub

upon the arrival of the blinding sun
the earth drops thankfully into a rapid darkness
descending into the orbit of another godless mindset
obscenely unaware of a moral genocide

Words strung up in lines
Like Parisian lights
[Not to see, but to know]
In shining order

Weak, torn branches sacrifice the last of their crimson
Yielding a puddle of rainbows, collapsed from the canopy
Overhead, leaving only a bleak bleached sky
Dotted with the occasional bird or irregular airplane and

We the poets are roamers
Homeless in our skin
Always searching, frantic
For the words that lie within

laughter could have been but it wasn't
and she didn't know where
because she didn't care to
walked on down to the chorus line

The mountain air feeds my starving lungs
As I stand with others, waiting
My legs feel weak and my hands are shaking
But I know what I must do

Dear Mouth-
Concerning your recent behavior:
I have noted that there has been a lack of communication
Between you and my close acquaintance, Brain.

i just want to look at him and say
love me, damn it, love me
but he never looks my way
just walks by

Dear Loved one
Do not think that the bitter words I write
Are meant for you
And realize that the sweet ones

Dearest One
I would not hurt you or criticise
Only realize
The pain my heart feels

he said he was doing it for our relationship and I wondered aloud
what relationship, there's nothing
but he just looked at me with his bland oatmeal eyes and asked
why i did not love him like he loved me

I said something irregular.
It slipped out in a whisper
Soft and raspy, accompanied with a box
Tied in ribbon

Leaves dance by, leaving behind some sorrow
Laughing in the wind, careless in their roaming
Tears flow down my mind to remember that day
Looking out my window

Digress to a dismal dirge
Dare to differ with defiance
Detest what's right for the sake
(of) dividends.

One day and counting
It spans more than twenty four
Ive only now just left you
But now im back and wanting more

empty hands
claw at my throat
forcing me to breath

feel the air.
it is so warm and soft, like a hug.
you cannot escape it, and the truth?
you'd rather not,

Turn your eyes and catch your breath
Watch as he takes center stage
Oh silent world, take notice
Of this beautiful boy

It's a chilly morning
This December
Doesn't feel like Christmas, really
Even though it's only weeks away

Fallen Too Far Biography

Here it sits. A blank something for me to fill with nothing. I look at the little line that makes letters magically (maybe) appear on the page, and it seems so impatient, almost screaming for me to write before it blows everything up. Like a time bomb, ticking, waiting for me to decide the fate of... what? Hi. I am Marissa. But only a few know if that is really my name. After all, here on the internet, everyone Is faceless, nameless, heartless And only a few (The beautiful few) Are who they say they are My name is not Fallen Too Far, because what stupid retard would name their kid Some depressing emo name And still be normal? But I have to use it because if I don't, If I show the world who I am Chances are, (And they are very high) Someone will use it to fulfill some dark pleasure And I am a girl (Woman?) Who has the right to say What the Hell? ? And Why the Hell? ? And Get the Hell Out of Here! ! ...Don't look at me that way. I understand what Im saying. So I guess that's all that matters. I am defiant. I am indifferent. I am in love. I am alive. I am irreplacable. I am untainted. I am me. The End)

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All The Riches Of Royalty

The king sat in his silver bathtub one morning
And he realized, as he soaked in the soft bubbles
That you can not rule your kingdom from a silver bathtub

So he did what any other king in a silver bathtub would do-
He got out.

Looking down, he realized that he was standing on his silver rug
And as he dried his arms, he considered that perhaps
You cannot rule a kingdom from a silver bathroom rug

So he slowly stepped off of the rug, and watched the patterns of his feet
Disappear into the silver carpet.

The king walked over to his window and looked over his kingdom.
It lay below him, sparkling in all it's silver beauty
And as he watched, it seemed to come alive with people
Shining like silver in the warm sun

A tear rolled down his quietly down his cheek
And he pondered that
Maybe, just maybe
Being a king is not all that they say it is

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