A Fable Poem by George Hunter

A Fable

As I was walking through the wood
I met a pretty maid named Riding Hood.
She was dressed all in red
From her toes to her head
(I’d sure like to get her into bed)

'Where are you going my lovely Miss?
Do you have time to spare a kiss? '
She said, “You might as well quit your droolin’
As I don’t have time for any foolin’
But I’ll add your name to my list.”

Her demeanor didn’t brook any sass
So I didn’t try to pat her ass
It will have to wait til another time
Or maybe even a different rhyme
So I didn’t make a pass.

She said, as she pulled up her riding hood,
“I’m going to Grannie’s cabin in the wood.
She’s all laid up with Asian flu
And I’m taking her some mulligan stew.
But you may accompany me if you could.”

So, with a twitch of her nice behind,
She took off in a straight beeline.
I followed close as I was able
To find the ending of this fable
And I curbed all the wishes that were mine.

We finally arrived at Grandma’s abode
Opened the door and in we strode
A Big Bad Wolf jumped out at me
He sure was a horrid sight to see
I didn’t have any time to run
So I blasted him with my big shotgun.

The double-aught buck took off his head
And he fell across old Grannie’s bed.
The gals passed out and when they came to
We all had a round of mulligan stew.

“I sure thank you for saving Grandma’s life
I’ll repay you by becoming your wife.”
I blushed and didn’t know just what to say
But she said, “I only meant for today.”
And I said, “That surely sounds OK.”
So we had lots of fun that very night
And every thing turned out all right.
And I am very glad that I was able
To have a happy ending to this fable.

Sally Carter 27 June 2009

Delightful nonsene - and I mean that as a compliment.

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