A Deadly Weapon Poem by George Hunter

A Deadly Weapon

I had just finished lunch
And on a hunch
Thought I’d check the mail
So I hit the trail
On the long driveway
Down to the ole highway.

Out of the corner of my eye
A slight movement I did spy.
A huge wolf spider crawling in the dirt
It seemed to me as if it had been hurt.
I thought to step on it and kill it
But my heart just wouldn’t will it.

Upon closer examination
I saw an explanation.
A tiny parasitic wasp was having its day
And the spider was trying to get away.
It leaped on the spider like to take a ride
And plunged its stinger into the spider’s hide.
And after some thrashing the spider died.

The wasp lays its eggs in the larger beast
And when its babies hatch they have a feast.
Just wild Mother Nature doing its thing
Causing some to cry and some to sing.

Made me think of a tiny nation in the news
Threatening with nuclear weapons to abuse.
Vowing to wipe big countries right off the map
By dropping atomic missiles in their lap.
Fanatics keep going from bad to worst,
Whoever invented those bombs should all be cursed.

Pandian Angelina 03 July 2009

Hi George, Wonderful and thought provoking as always. Angel

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 27 June 2009

Write on! ' Whoever made those bombs should be cursed.' I like rhyme and you pulled it off splendidly here - message meaty and style very prolific.

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