A Faceless God Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

A Faceless God

Rating: 2.7

And there appeared
without a warning
a break within the clouds
that had remained,
so heavy and so low
all week, as all HIS people
went on about the business
of burying those
who had defied,
with loudness and
their fellow man
and now their God.
Committed treason,
thus forsaken
their holy Being.
Abandoned Deity.

And God then did,
with thunderous
and harsh and deadly
force, akin to evil
and reminiscent
of Satan's work.
He had destroyed
and quickly rained
the angels of his death
upon the doubters
and the infidels.

As he appeared
a yellow light,
an image without shape,
within the clouds,
his face unseen,
but well possessed of voice,
and speaking to
the people just below:

'Your own iniquities
have seperated
you, the people
from myself,
your God.
It is your sins
which have
and hidden
from you all
my holy face.
I will not hear you,
but cast you into
the lake of fire,
There shall be punishment
so everlasting
and all destruction
be heaped upon you.'

And thus, his will was done
as well it needed to be done.

And in the end,
there was one child,
left standing.
Alive and without harm
from God's own wrath.
And he seemed utterly,
and strangely unafraid,
and then he spoke:
'God, you have brought
no great tidings of your joy
to your own people.
And thus you are
perhaps to you
but not to me
my God.

Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 07 September 2005

It is hard to believe in something not tangible....and then all the destruction that happens....it is hard to believe in anything.

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Linda Preston 27 March 2005

great narrative poem. Well done.

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Allan James Saywell 21 March 2005

There is nothing like a bit of good old fashioned fire and damnation to get a man in good mood to face the evil doers in the world, for one minute i thought i was listening to a poetic serman, which would not do me any harm, you didn't happen to hear this mentioned in a poem about old codger's bible bashing did you herbert i like to do a bit of religeon a bit of preaching every now and then Warm regards allan

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