A Family At War Poem by Mohabeer Beeharry

A Family At War

Rating: 5.0

I was born in a family at war.
No guns, no fighter bombers
No submarines or booby traps,
Only long wordless and awkward situations,
Silent and hurried breakfasts.
At the dinner table, it was a game of chess
One was always moving at the approach of another.
I watched.
I rued the cloistered evenings,
The telltale stories and the frozen smiles,
And the low whispers,
All wrapped up into a pinch of jealousy.
A cold war.
Where evening prayer
Was a competition:
Who could first attract God’s attention.
And they did!
They were all graduates and experts.
Overflowing with education.
High posts and expensive cars.
God they say, gives you
What you ask for.
But I was sure there was a missing link there,
Wasn’t there?

Inwalked Bud 02 September 2013

This is very powerful & chilling to the senses...One can't help but feel the distance and discomfort of the atmosphere around the room...

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Lyn Paul 16 August 2013

A strong family, perhaps not being shown any other way, maybe they too wished things things had of been different. The important thing is; This was and is still a family. Thank You

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 16 August 2013

a strong satire indeed. families often present a war front scenario.

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