A Father Like No Other Poem by Mysia Hayling

A Father Like No Other

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To my father who didn't dropp his sperm,
And run off like a worm,
as so much other men do.
He knows that it takes two.

Not waiting to see if there is a possibility,
to take up responsibility.
So much careless men run wild pluck a hole,
But never take up their role.
Who stood by my mother through her nine months of labour,
till that happily hour.

Who stayed up all night to tend to my cry.
Who stood by to watch me grow,
not dropp two dollars and think it's so.
Who took a loving interest in my life
and took my mother as his wife.

To all fathers who refuse to run wild and make child.
Enough praise to you, who took time to raise what GOD gave you.
To those who turned their backs, we thank God for women who showed us we don't lack. Women who played don't know the father's name, sympathy goes out the same. To the Fathers who are Mothers, respect to you.
It takes a real man to do what you do.

To the men who care about what they leave behind, we say
"Happy Father's Day to a man who is one of a kind.

Written By: Mysia Hayling

Chinedu Dike 31 October 2018

A powerful tribute to a loving Dad, written to commemorate Fathers' Day. A beautiful creation, lovely and very passionate. Thanks for sharing Mysia.

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Robert Murray Smith 26 April 2018

Mysia, a truly powerful write. +++10

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Mysia Hayling

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