A Flood In Memory. Poem by Tajudeen Shah

A Flood In Memory.

Flood waters gushed in!
No trace of grass could be found,
Except a few grass-woven roofs,
That too remained shedding tears!
Mango trees lost arms, some shoulders,
Coconuts perched on its strong boughs;
The mighty survivors of all seasons.
Snails, Frogs, Snakes and gnats,
Ants, bugs, Lizards, spiders,
Set out their predictable exodus!
King Fisher and Woodpecker found
Abode in hollow jack fruit tree!
Poor and feeble mass, hunger-stricken,
Assembled by the wet school floor,
Waiting for the next food-serve;
Hot porridge and wild-roots boiled.
Burning chilly dish adds the heat
On their ice-cold tongues.
Mothers had their saved rags in lap
With their tender ones mewling in,
Their ribs netted with wrinkled skin.
Fathers looked at the skies and winds,
Returned to the wooden benches,
Cursing their fate, while the slant drops,
Pierced on swollen waves of yellow Flood.

They could not hide the dismay of
An impending disaster, that would
Shatter their small dreams
Into many a chips, beyond bonding.
Stars got blind by the broken clouds
Ascended from the abyss of horizons.
Nocturnal chorus of legendary frogs
And of beetles added awe and gloom.
Some slept with open eyes and sense,
As they knew how dreadful the water
Might turn in the monstrous night,
Sweeping off every trace of existence!

Morning is differentiated with
Pale rays that struggled the clouds,
And crows delightfully bathed
In water-pots of school kitchen.
Days of waiting and hopes elapsed,
Shelters invaded by dreadful guests;
Epidemics and calamities one by one
Caused their pulses go weaker still.
Merciless rain and flood objected
Even Sandy graves, while yellow eyes
Exchanged silent looks; "Whats Next'!
When tears drained off,
Drought invaded hearts.
Life has its occurrence scheduled,
To measure man's perseverance.

Some flash pictures of a real flood in the past. very open, not much of poetic culture to claim though.
Valsa George 04 June 2013

The cruel face of a disaster repeated every year with the cloud burst of monsoon rains! While people of the upland escape unscathed, the poor folks living in coastal areas and low lying regions bear the brunt of Nature's fury! The heart renting scenes in a rehabilitation centre described in all detail with the inevitable train of malnutrition and epidemics! ! A very realistic picture! !

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Vijay Sai R 01 December 2012

so much truth hidden in this amazing poem

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The flood in our memory is relatively a pleasant thing to be remembered. But the optimism has to survive for a much longer time as we are being washed away every now and then in these floods of life`s intricacies.. The physical integrity that is sustained for a few decades has to stand by man`s centuries of meaningful survival. Sorry for reading between the lines not written..

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