A Fool's Life Be A 9 To 5 Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

A Fool's Life Be A 9 To 5

but my Soul of who i am
bee on twenty four seven
three sixty five
let em contemplate on they heaven or hell outside entities or inside
they lungs of air compression expanding and collapsing
across they flatlines they was written
slept in they depth
as we crept about ours without no blame
straight focused like an invincible arrow on target
cause they ain't none of your business
so why you tripping off voices and images who obsolete anyway?
they dead remember?
yeah at least for the majority
so what you gonna do for your family sense you got all to gain and nothing to lose?
okay then what about them babies you help make?
oh you focused now ain't cha? struck sumting in dat heart that got you peaking instead of peeping out dumb situations on weekends knowing it ain't no such thang as a weekend
you must be programmed as a receiptant to they channels dat got your sense suspended into the tweaking
you twipping with no indigenous heart rate beating
this is westside my never ignorant getting goals accomplished
make your customers give they paper currency up....

Monday, June 18, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: real life,real success
it shouldn't be no surprise that they was holding ya food water and shelter against ya making ya own baby mutha turn against ya and now you stuck...well fuhk dat the Ancestors taught us dat it ain't no such thang as an opposite enemy on the outside cause that's that inner deflection being held unaccountable....
Error Success