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A Foolish Heart

Rating: 5.0

'Forever yours' was promised many times.
Other times, it though she was so precious that
It waited in lines,
Standing, hoping, praying, for her attention.
For her mark was penned on it, by love.

'Things would never work out'
this heart has been told.
But being stubbornly stupid,
On what-ifs it continued to hold.

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Miss Molu 04 January 2013

heart and mind at war and the way it continues to flow i have no words... for all it may be worth, you really have a good way with words interesting piece

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Elena Sandu 02 August 2011

If mind and heart won't be at war, maybe you would have not written poems, you could be one of the self content people stuck(limited) in one dimension. Poets are to fight cry run fly fell through the time and other worlds..They have no limits..so it is ok not to be loved but nothing stops you to fill own heart with love (..other than mind..) go ahead shutdown the mind and let your heart survive..And let us read another one of your beautiful poems of your heart..Thank you. ps. this is the third time I write a comment if doesn't go I 'll give up.

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Fools paradise looks picturesque…in reality mismatching …do they know it? ...but fools also have heart with thirst for love…who’ll give that…I wonder… Thanks for sharing… Ms. Nivedita UK PS Request you to write a poetry on Fools passion of love... n

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