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A Flower Uncut

Rating: 5.0

Who would have thought that perfection was palpable.
Angel speck-less, man can touch, unbelievable!
Beauty wrapped in flesh, the panacea to man’s
sore heart is found. I can see her. I truly can!

God’s paradigm for creation of women does live.
Her hips are perfect, and her breast substantive,
Tantalizing men, young, and old, to taste of her,
But of the blood of Mary, she is a flower

Uncut, and her nectar is saved for one bee, who
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Dave Walker 03 October 2011

Wow. You just blew me away with this. Great write. Fantastic.

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Crimson Love 03 October 2011

This is a magnificent poem, your word choice was well thought out, and interesting poem, truly beautiful.

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Alicia Phillips 03 October 2011

i think its awesome i love it

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Kendzi Samuel 18 July 2011

Damn! This is good man! Been readin many of ur poems. Love them a lot. They are like written photographs of beauty.

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Dorothea Forbes 02 June 2014

Wow really great poem excellent read.

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Heather Wilkins 23 June 2013

beautifully written poem. an uncut flower will last forever.

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Shazza Rixx 03 October 2011

Beautiful poem :) 10++++

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Dylan Gaudreault 03 October 2011

beautiful. really liked the line 'Uncut. And her nectar is saved for one bee, who She will wed and become his queen...' made me really get in2 this poem. i am enticed by this touching write. perfect ten!

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Vipins Puthooran 03 October 2011

Amazing poem... Wonderful imagination... Meticulously penned lines...excellent and great write... Top marks 10++++

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