A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed Poem by Philip Winchester

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Poem Title: A Friend in need is a friend in deed.
Acrostic Poem 166c

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Friends will always you admire and appreciate your amicable tone
Rare quality? No, not within the world of this Poet. Not rare.
Image of a lively boom companion, reliable and affectionate
Ego masseuse, friend to friend without the need for reward.
Normally you make friends before you ever need them, I have found.
Devoted? Well I would go so far as to say devoted to any friends I have.

In love with my friends? I will love without condition, keeping platonic, true to my vows.
Normally seen always as a “Hail Fellow. Well met” kind of Guy.

Never just a crony or a sidekick, friendship means much more to me than that.
Expansive, convivial, jovial and always one to enjoy the company of others.
Exuberant, effervescent friends may tend to wear you out, but you need to laugh out loud.
Deeds need to be done, going both ways, left right and centre. Better to give than take.

In sickness and in health a friend or life partner may not always be able to contribute.
Sickness is all part of the true friendship test... The Good not worth a dime without the Bad.

A Friend in need is of course a Friend ... Indeed....In deeds too numerous to bring to account.

Facial gushing praise is never sought from friend to friend as being ever necessary.
Reconciled and restored by much of what remains unsaid. Polished by honeyed phrase.
In the geniality of the moment, you can be lifted by just as simple word as “ Friend”
Entente Cordial, an amusing nectar. Drink the health of all the Friends you have ever known.
Need is a prerequisite of all of us, if you are not in need of a friend then I pity you.
Do you enjoy your Life living as an Egocentric? No I never thought you ever would!

In true friendship you can be brought out of the clouds and firmly placed upon the earth.
Naturally and without pain. With the request “ What can I do for you my Friend. “ Tell me true.
Desire all you like in this materialistic World. But an unconditional Friendship is so Golden.
Ever Uncle -like as Avuncular. Or Debonair as two new lovers bonding at first sight.
Ebullient and Effervescent take the Tonic of a life partner and a friend and roll it into one.
Deeds sometimes speak as loud as actions, and like a picture, will paint a thousand words!

Acrostic poem written … 27th March 2010 to 28th March 2010

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Philip Winchester

Philip Winchester

Surrey United Kingdom
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