No, It Is Not Your Fault. Poem by Philip Winchester

No, It Is Not Your Fault.

Poem Title: No, It is not your Fault. Acrostic Poem 153

No, it is not your fault!
Oh how many times must I say this, it is not your fault.

It is not your fault, from now on I want you to believe it, it is not your fault.
Try always and forever from this time on to master the fact that it is not your fault.

It is not your fault, Nobody is to blame, no thing, no way, no how, it is not your fault.
Since childhood have you not continually taken the blame upon yourself, It was not your fault.

Never wishing to cast doubt upon what a wonderful person you are, It is not your fault.
Out side of the love of friends and family are you seen as just a number, No, it's not your fault.
They may never get close enough to see the light you radiate, No, it is not your fault

Yesterday, troubles, debt, sorrow, disappointment, failure dogged your step, It was not your fault.
Over years, with hindsight your advantage, do you now see the illuminated sign on every corner?
Understanding dawns at last, Understanding all and everything gone before, was not your fault.
Redemption now at hand, you are at the gateway all your skills intact, you are loved with all faults.

Faults have given you a tool bag filled with wisdom, mistakes having been made rectified always.
All ways, All roads, All pathways trod, All modes explored, All embarrassments suffered, never at fault
Unless you count on all you meet as being with all faults, help them then aboard faults and all.
Light their hearts with your love and forgiveness despite the faults, will erase the faults you own.
That fault you thought you had was just my way of Guiding Angels through the maze Alone.

Written in the Now gifted to The 1000th Man with grateful thanks 8th September 2009

Munia Khan 23 February 2010

It is not your fault either since you have composed a brilliant prose again............

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 17 October 2009

Brilliant piece. loved it. -

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Philip Winchester

Philip Winchester

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