Woman Guide Poem by Philip Winchester

Woman Guide

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: Woman Guide 121
More I guess than just an adult human Female,
Placed upon this Earth as pretty servant to a Man.
Seeded to him as more than a mere Lady.
A Woman with a past, no sin attached.

No room for any misogynistic views in this house.
We all have such love of Womankind that's true.
Blessed be the association of the best kind,
Man born of Woman is indeed a Mortal Man.

Be it as it may sometimes the apron strings may draw tight,
A Man may need that kind of kid gloved discipline.
Never tread on eggs your treatment forthright,
Between the Sexes the twain s are sure to meet again.

Victim of Love and a number of emotions,
Besets a Woman most, but behind the mask.
The shattered dreams of financial independence.
The Butterfly that flutters by beyond your grasp.

Take Heart your love is more than just a weapon,
More than a card to play, when times get tough,
By all means use it as a token of affection,
Even if its deemed Platonic Love.

Abstract conception ineffable, too great for words,
Less said romantic thoughts and deeds,
A Woman's love surmounts the drudge of dull routine,
With little prizes offered for all work done.

So let us celebrate the role a Woman has,
No delegation to just second place,
Wife or Sister, Daughter, Mother yes to any Man.
Bonding Bands of Brothers through our Lands.

Marieta Maglas 22 November 2009

Victim of Love and a number of emotions wonderful abstract poem about love and all that means... 10++++++++++

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Munia Khan 21 October 2009

As though you are writing from your mother's womb.....or as if you are the only brilliant womanizer in the Universe.....Salute to you my King on behalf of all the women ever born.....

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Philip Winchester

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