The Relationship Of Likeness And Unlikeness Poem by Philip Winchester

The Relationship Of Likeness And Unlikeness

Poem Title: The Relationship of Likeness and Unlikeness
Acrostic Poem 158

The Relationship of Likeness and Unlikeness.
Herbert Spencer was Guided once upon a time to write.
Establishments within the Universe Intelligence to move forward.

Relationships 'twixt the kinds of most perfect quantitative reasoning.
Equality by simple reason proving once to be, under its highest form.
Likeness of mind, of comparison through experience, by progressive wisdom.
Attention to each and every detail, coloured red or blue or green or any hue.
To Listen for a note that's not in tune, a rhyme that's not rhyme, a face not recognised.
In comparison between the likeness or unlikeness, where do we have to draw the line?
On one side we have a pass, on the other failure, what do we carry, what do we just ignore?
Now accepting the improbable, descending step by step to the lower levels of simple reasoning.
Space, Time, and Motion present themselves as a consistent trio of essential attributes.
Having Equivalence of certain states of Conciousness both serial and simultaneous.
In things that cannot be truly defined except in terms more general than themselves.
Perceived as Likeness and Unlikeness in terms to exhibit them as necessary complements.

Of each other? Let me explain. It`s best shown by comparing the relations of the two together.
For Likeness is best shown by contrast with Unlikeness as with a Flash of something Like.

Lightning, yes When a flash of Lightning for a moment dispels the Darkness
In where, when any one state of Conciousness is supplanted by another.
Knowing immediately there has been an established relationship of Unlikeness.
Established in comparison to the Darkness or of that crystal silver light.
Notice thus, then the relationship of Unlikeness is the primordial one.
Examine, is the relation in every other relation; and can itself ever be described?
Summarized in no other way than as a simple change in mind Conciousness.
Space and Time and Motion or Resistance Magnified by your true belief in GOD.

And of Higher Orders of Relations? Are severally resolvable into relations of like and unlike.?
Now who`s terms have certain specialities and complexities, where similarity was defined?
Defined as the coin tension of two con natural relations between states of consciousness.

Unlike in degree but like in kind, but coin tension we find to be just likeness in degree.
Now please try to understand my meaning, Man, Hear what I'm saying, like what I mean?
Like ness or Unlikeness the difference between Fire and Ice, Love and Hate
In between the two we can have of course coexistence, exactly alike in kind and degree.
Kinds of conciousness and states of conciousness but commonly unlike in any degree.
Echo across a valley unsustainable, or a sustained note from a wind or a stringed instrument.
Now may be interrupted by some scarcely appreciable flaw which simply serves to divide,
Exactly into two notes that sound exactly alike, Drinks of equal temperature Celsius
Slowly Love can drift into Hate linger until reality dawns then rise to an even higher state.
States of mind can be altered to comply Nearer My GOD to Thee. Meditation is the sacred Key.

Munia Khan 11 October 2009

I must call it a highly meditative piece...n surprisingly I've discovered a maxim there - Fire n Ice + Love n Hate = Likeness n Unlikeness. I believe sometimes the dark can be so true and sometimes the wierd can be so good and that is just where the question of likeness n unlikeness arises.... you invent it so well Philip! ! 10++

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Obinna Eruchie 27 September 2009

What relationship it is. Interesting.

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Philip Winchester

Philip Winchester

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