A Gift Every Tomorrow Poem by Almedia Knight-Oliver

A Gift Every Tomorrow

Today day gave me the most beautiful package though not for tomorrow
Inside the beautifully covered box lay a 'Noble Truth: '
'All life is suffering'reckoning with or without unhappiness

Today. My birthday. I celebrate a
new moon that's more than a
Quarter ways across life's arch
and still I watch my dreams glow
nearing the end of their cycle
Wish I were an unchanging star
Shinning brighter evermore…but
I'll burn out and shine no more.
A time for introspection as I sit
Night watching the moon growing in light
Saluting the sun every morning's rise, and
Return to the dark. At my best, I rest…
From the sun, I rise like the morning dew,
A red lotus sits breathing in life in delight!

Inhaling the north, south, east, and west winds
Breathing out all things that don't serve me well
Squinting through the murky yesteryear
Focusing on family cycles, friends,
and romantic love that bloomed in spring
expired in wintertime-
Young love and old love are equal.

I'm filled with today's comforting memories,
And letting go old ways
Experience the giving and receiving
boundless love and compassion
The epilogue of this poem
Can be told at the demise of the main character.

Her birthday is every tomorrow

May 20,2014

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