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A Glimpse

Rating: 5.0

Traveling along the highway on a cloudy day
Rushing with a hoard of others on their way
Flowing in the current of a rushing stream
Daring not to veer and cause an awful scream

Momentum and monotony match the dull climate
In the blur there is a sudden break that alleviates
Far ahead… up high… there is a patch of blue sky
With thoughts of sunbeams, I heave an envious sigh

Someone is getting a mega dose of uplifting rays
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Jurietta Duraan 25 January 2008

Beautiful poem Theresa.... that is after all what we write about... glimpses of life.

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Mary Gordley 19 January 2008

Delightful poem and how fine to drawn inspiration while on a drive. Your ability to give thanks for that sunny shaft of light, however brief speaks well of your appreciation for life's blessings.

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Broken Peaces 18 January 2008

Theresa you are a little ray of sunhine and bringsunlight to the pages of poemhunter thankyou top marks Chris

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Thad Wilk 18 January 2008

Nice write Theresa, more people should stop and smell the roses as you do! *10*! ! ! ! Friend Thad

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Ben Gieske 18 January 2008

Theresa, reading your poems is always a rewarding experience heilping me appreciate living a little bit more. This 'trip' reminds me of the times I was driving to meetings on such a road as yours and it liberated my mind and sometimes inspired me to come up with new ideas and things to do. Always worthwhile getting out of the couch as it were and exploring the open road despite its dullness and monotony.

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